C.S.I. Ewart Higher Secondary School has always made a mark in the society by producing fine individuals with a holistic approach and Educational standard who in turn have given their applaudable service to a bigger circle of the society within the country and globally.

An institution rooted in Prayer and mission oriented has witnessed its development in all its facets.


Morning Assembly is conducted by the Principal on every Monday’s and students from classes IV to XII take turns to conduct on Wednesday’s and Friday’s on various topics. Various indoors are used for the assembly for various sections of classes- VI – XII at the auditorium, IV & V at the heritage building and I – III at the lunch hall.

Highlighting spiritual values and echoing deep thought with touch of meaningful Hymns and Choruses, the morning assembly become a core activity to all the pupils. Well trained choristers both the junior and senior enjoy leading the singing in the morning assembly with the help of well versed music teachers. Their special performance on all occasions and various school programmes are definitely note worthy.