Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good and His love endures forever - Psalm 136:1

I am extremely humbled that God has chosen, anointed and ordained me to carry the baton of Legendary principals of this prestigious institution like Miss. Francis Baker, Miss. Alice Green, Miss. C. Davamani, Mrs. C. Chelladurai, Mrs. E. M. Victor, Mrs. A. Williams and Mrs. Sheila Lawrence. It is indeed huge shoes to fill and an honourable responsibility to lead a school like Ewart which is proudly known for its rich heritage of over 100 years.

This school has produced great scholars and outstanding professionals for many years who are known for their values built on our moto of "Love and Serve". We will continue as a school, to strive in the path of showing Christ like love not only in words but in sacrificial actions of service that will reflect Jesus in everything that we do.

With the support of our blessed members of staff who have dedicated their lives to this mission school. We will offer our students the best in class opportunities not only within our country but open doors to offer global cross cultural exposure that will enhance your knowledge and confidence to be thoughtful young people who are prepared for any future challenge you may face in today’s VUCA world. Children talented in Art, Sports, Music and Theatre

will be encouraged and given every opportunity to unleash your creative potential in making Ewart proud. Every student will be treated with individual care and compassion. I have no doubt that Ewartians are always a notch above in your values and behaviour compared to other students. As each of you live up to that expectation of discipline, You can be assured that we will foster a culture where none of you will be condemned, criticised or treated with less dignity; for you are truly the ones who make our flag fly high. Teachers will be dedicated to take care, appreciate, nurture and bring out the best in every student and to make it a Joy for you to come to school everyday!

It is my earnest endeavour to not only ensure that each of you outshine academically, but to groom each one of you with the key value of sincere service of love to the poor, the orphans, the underprivileged children, and the neglected section of our society who long for someone to show them love and care. It’s time we truly start reflecting Jesus and living up to our Moto in greater momentum!!

I will take personal care to leave no stone unturned to help uplift such deserving neglected children with the help of our teachers, Students and Parents. Our CSI Madras Diocese has been extremely supportive and Our Bishop Rt. Rev. J. George Stephen is a great leader and a man of God who does his best to this cause.

Together we will continue the culture that engages with all our beloved parents and renowned alumni members, to constantly improve and provide a safe and positive environment for every young girl and boy present here.

I’d like to leave you with a little story from the Bible: One day, Jesus was preaching to thousands who were hungry and needed to be fed; He asked His disciples to find out if there was any food to feed the hungry crowd. After their long search, All they found was a little boy with a lunch box that his momma had packed for him; with five loaves of bread and two fishes. The little boy came forward and gave it to Jesus. Jesus took up those 5 loaves and 2 fishes and blessed it to multiply multifold.

All the 5 thousand were fed and full; they took 12 baskets of remaining bread and fish. Oh what a glorious Miracle! This is of ofcourse quite a well known powerful miracle performed by Jesus that most of you may be aware of.. but the thought that I would like to leave you with is that; If you were that little hungry boy, If you were that little girl in pink and white; will you be willing to give everything that you have into the Hands of Jesus? Or will you look out only for your selfish gains? Will you be willing to step forward to quench the hunger of others when you are hungry yourself?? Think about it... .It is in such moments of sacrificial obedience and acts of service and kindness that Jesus can pick the least of us.... the smallest of us, to be a blessing for multitudes!!

I pray that the Holy Spirit will etch

Galatians 5:13 in our hearts, that we may live by it. -“Serve One Another in Love “